Me: Please don’t walk down the stairs backwards. It’s dangerous.

Huckle (2.75 year old): It’s not dangerous. It’s marvelous!

Me (trying to keep a straight face): Did you just say it’s marvelous?

Huckle (smiling widely): Yes I did!

This kid. How do you respond to that?

Huckle peppers his speech with the most interesting and random adjectives these days. This may be the most fun stage yet of talking and building a vocabulary.

Sure, I loved it the first time he said mama and when he tarted saying “flower” instead “flahbee”, but adjectives? Adjectives have been a whole new ball game.

One of his earliest frequent words was “happy”, which was such a sweet word to hear from such a tiny little guy. But in the last several months, he’s picked up and utilized a whole passel of descriptors.

Usually, he has what I like to call “the word of the week”. When he learns a new one or it catches his fancy, he uses it all the time, regardless of how seemingly inapplicable it is.

One week it was “beautiful.” So we heard about his beautiful blocks and beautiful trains and beautiful pants, etc. The immediately following week it was, amusingly, “horrible” that took over. (My favorite question from those days, as I tried to tidy up the disaster zone of toys that is our living room in anticipation of his aunt’s visit, “Why are you cleaning up that horrible room?”)

“Funny” came next and has had a lot of staying power. It’s his default adjective. I am often asked about his sister, “What’s that funny baby doing?” He needs to know about that “funny street sign” and that “funny boy”.

It’s hard not to laugh at his silly sentences, but hearing him work his way through words and learn how to manipulate the English language into complex sentences and ideas is fascinating.

I love hearing him talk and explain things, and I can’t wait for the next new adjective.